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My name is Kathleen Schramm. I am a mystic, spiritual communicator and author. The title of my web site "Spirit Rose" is the result of a beautiful vision I experienced while meditating many years ago. During this meditation I heard what I can only describe as Heavenly music, while at the same time - before me a silvery crown rose up before me. There were Maltese Crosses around the brim of the crown, each cross had a beautiful blue rose in the center. One of these crosses was on the top of the crown and another floated above the crown with a separation of about 6 inches. I was filled with, and surrounded by the most enthralling feeling of love, compassion, and an awe of spirit. As a result of this vision "Spirit Rose" became a theme for my spiritual work.

Blue rose

Please contact me for spiritual direction, as well as spiritual instruction. I provide spiritual counseling services, details of which are outlined on the on the Services Page.

I teach classes on a wide variety of spiritual and/or metaphysical topics. For further information regarding classes, appearances, and tele-seminars please refer to the Appearances Page.

I provide direction to those seeking guidance on many levels in their lives. I teach you how to take control of your life and help you design the direction for your life path. People call me wanting to know what the future holds for them, I teach people how to work with the Supreme Being, the Universal Life Force, "God" to design a path to that future. Even when faced with the most difficult and daunting life circumstances - there is always a daisy in your life's field to fill you with sunshine. I help you discover that daisy.

Available on this site:

  • Spirit rose tools of the Shaman, which is my first book. It is filled with experiential stories of how I discovered the techniques I teach, as well as step by step instructions on how to employ those tools in your life.
  • Shamanic Tools for Everyday Success is my audio book with step by step instructions that guide you through the techniques I teach.
  • Spiritual services such as astrology, numerology, Quaballah, clairvoyant assistance
  • Travel opportunities far and wide to famous places and roads less traveled
  • Jewelry that is elegant, sacred, simple, and symbolic
  • Clothing that is practical to the unpractical and Goddess-like elegant
  • ...and much more.

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Rose floatingThe Rose is an ancient Spiritual Symbol. One of the most common reasons to reference the Rose within spiritual discussions is as follows:

The rose is a flower the slowly opens revealing the fragrance hidden at the very core. If you try to pry the rose open before it is fully developed you will only succeed in damaging the rose. The rose is a sacred symbol of the evolving spiritual understanding of humankind.

The above paragraph is a key to dealing with other's life styles and belief systems, Don't force others to accept your beliefs. If they were intended to accept your beliefs they would have been born into your family. Show and lead by example if others are to adopt your life path - lead by being the best example you are capable of embodying.


My Mission is to share the Divine Light

Northern Lights 1Northern Lights2Northern Lights 2
The Wall of Living Flame the Divine Light that which is the creation of the Supreme Being resembles the Northern Lights depicted in the photos above. Affirming that you are surrounded by a wall of living flame protects
and defends you from invasive darkness, or dark force entities.